We love what we do. We love bringing people together.
Enabling business opportunities by creating personal experiences for our clients and their customers, partners and stakeholders.

Trade Shows and Events are a powerful tool to create those interpersonal experiences: meeting your customer, talking business, getting access to content and knowledge exactly how you need it when you need it.

Currently, the personal is purely digital.
So we set out to transfer the environment and the easy access to content that our client Dow Home & Personal Care offers his customers at trade shows into a virtual, fully web-based 360° experience.

What’s next for you?

  • Live Chats with  product experts
  • Integrated Webinars & Events
  • Animated 3D Models of  products
  • Architectural Staging (…and your booth changes as visitors move)

Did we mention the analytics side?

  • Where do your customers go within your virtual booth?
  • What creates the most interest?
  • Where do your visitors come from?

Naturally we enable all the analytics you expect from a live trade show or event also in the virtual space.

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CEO, AWZ Events